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Handcrafted Soaps by sapusmidjan Handcrafted Soaps

All our Soaps are handmade out of oils and butter. All vegan, all natural. We also offer Certified Organic Soaps that are triple milled. When we mill the soap through heavy duty extruder machine for three to four times before we change the head ( Nose cone ) of the machine and make the soap on a professional scale. Triple milled soaps are much harder and are offer more range in our variety. When we use machine and handmade soap base ( Soap-noodles ) we talk about Hand-crafted Soaps as there is a combination between the handwork and machinery.  

We make soaps that are different from the "Ordinary Commercial soaps" you buy in the Supermarket or "Club stores" in bulk quantities. Without any extra ingredients other than the good old palm and coconut oils and other precious oils. Pure water and salts. ( Lyle become sodium and salt after saponify process ( The soft chemical fusion when the oils & butter chance into fatty acids. So we are calm to say our soaps are as natural and near the origin as they could be. Big words but a Big difference.)

  • Only vegan oils and butters.
  • Certified Organic Soaps.
  • Icelandic Handmade Soaps.
  • Icelandic Triple Milled Soaps.
  • Unscented - Baby Mild
  • Scented with Pure Essential Oils
  • Only natural color from the ingredients. 

In the beginning we aimed to use only ingredient that was edible and from the food chain. We are still on the same path to that direction.


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